Monday, 30 January 2012

Wasperton - 29.01.12

0 degrees when I got to the river at 7.30am, with mist acting like a blanket over the River the Warwickshire Avon looked fantastic. I had a one Pike rod out with a ledgered sprat and the other rod after Chub and alternating between cheese paste, maggot and worm.

Managed a little Jack within 10 minutes of casting out but that was it, I changed to a smelly Mackerel tail to try for something bigger but sadly the rod remained motionless. Had a few knocks on worm but couldn't connect to anything. Apparently cold for the next few weeks so will probably go for a more roving approach, I've had more success with sea baits this year, so will probably float fish sardine or sprat. I think my limit for sitting in the cold is 3 hours these days, even when dressed for the cold it eventually gets to me, my fingertips suffer first. Walking up and down the bank it's surprising just how quickly you warm up.


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