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Monday 19 September 2011

16.09.11 Willow Marsh Fishery, Kiddermister. SAIC vs MG

I'm a freelance automotive CAD designer by trade, and currently I'm working on some future model MG's at the Longbridge factory in Birmingham.

So the match was 4 hours at the Willow Marsh Fishery in Shenstone, near Kidderminster. we were fishing the Sandpipers Coarse Fishing where apparently the match fishing record was 184lb 10oz. 24 fished it, 12 MG vs 12 SAIC anglers. The winner from MG had around 40lb the next best around 20lb. I was bored catching tiny roach and when the MG angler caught a decent carp quite early on I had no choice but to try and catch a carp. Sadly the bigger carp were not biting and I tried everything, I ended up last out of my 6 man section with 2.5lb, all tiny roach and a small mirror carp. The pools were very, very low so I suppose that's not going to help the fishing, even a couple of people blanked it was that poor. It was a team match and SAIC were victors in the end, that's the main thing. I'm off on holiday to Portugal this week so I'm going to try and do a bit of sea fishing with the father in law.


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