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Wednesday 29 June 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Maggot Lovers and Magnetometers

This area of the Warwickshire Avon is one of those that is ideal if you want to get bites. Rudd you see are the dominate species and feed maggots under a float it really is bite a chuck.

Sam manned the whip and with the landing net in the margins he went about catching some maggots lovers. Now many ended up in the drink, lots ended up in the net and unbeknown to me some had escaped through rather large hole that has randomly appeared. 

To be fair despite being 'hook safe' a Salmo Hornet lure had got itself tangled up in it the other day and I had to nip some of the mesh with a scissors, as it really had got properly tangled.

Talking of lures Sam has been independently able to cast a lure no problem for years which is great for me, but despite trying for half an hour in the weir with a surface lure and also in the main river, nothing fancied a bite of the Salmo Ladybug.  

To be fair it was hard to get away from fishing the whip and rudd, after rudd, after rudd were up for biting with the odd roach mixed in-between.

Sam had seen some fish moving in a shallow area just ahead of the weir and sure enough some tiny dace, and a whip testing perch (we think) managed to get away, the highlight though a small gudgeon turned up out the blue.

A lovely little fish and that called time on the 2 hour session. Very enjoyable though so much so, Sam wants to go back the weekend and fish a 'proper lure' and also his 'float rod'. Lets see, with the Avon gin clear and low these sort of sessions guarantee at least a happy Sam.

I cannot have it my own way all the time now can I !!!

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  1. Got to love a fish-a-chuck session once in a while. Especially with an added gudgeon bonus!!


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