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Thursday 23 June 2022

The Tiny River Alne - Campanologists and Campaniforms

This usual quiet stretch of the river Alne where solitude can be found in abundence was sadly blighted, not by loud repetitive beats from a party nearby I might add, or a garden gathering where the odd'uns had consumed too much gin , but no 

Clanging campanologists....

Obviously a practice going on but I arrived at 7.00pm and they were still going hammer and tongs till thankfully it stopped at 9.00pm. 

They were loud, very loud !!!!

So not a great start, and to be honest the session wasn't much better....

I'd sourced a replacement lure rod that I broke here last time and after getting the Salmo Hornet stuck on the forth cast, I thought what the heck am I doing. Luckily that got stuck in the tree with the line snapping but a £6.99 mistake, but at least the rod survived this time. 

Not going well is it, anyway back to the fishing, the river was low very low despite the recent weekend rain but the trout were up for a predatory reaction or two. 

Just 4 trout caught during the 2.5 hour session where quite a few others grabbed the lure but managed to wriggle themselves free. The best shown above caught from the banker weir swim. 

The knack is try and set the drag so the fish can just about take some line, but then offer enough resistance to set the hooks. In one of the swims I chub of around 3 pound or so came out of nowhere and snatched the lure almost by my feet.

It bolted off downstream right under an overhanging tree and was on for a few seconds before somehow losing the hooks.

After losing another lure in a tree after the next cast after a nice trout also felt the hooks it was time for the off. An expensive trip again where as I type this I've still got bells ringing in my head, lets hope they have gone before the next session. 


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