Monday 21 August 2023

Looe Cornwall - LRF and Lumpenintelligentsia

The Looe Duck Race is organised and run by the Lions of Looe and raises a huge amount of money for charity. It’s a great event with literally hundreds of people lining Looe Quay and watching the ducks as they race their way down river towards the sea. 

None of them escape though as they are all scooped up by a trusty bunch of volunteers who sand in the river for the whole event!

It started half an hour late because the water was too high but fear not because there were plenty of crabs to catch whilst we waited and yes some ended up in my bait box.

All being well I fancy trying to catch a wrasse from a rock mark. The rods already set-up I just need to get the urge to go fishing. The weather mostly good thankfully but this is a family holiday after all. 

The water enters the harbour at a rate of knots the fish apart from shoals of sandeels seem few and far between and those anglers I've seen chucking lures of feathers seemingly as fruitless as me.

Even the seals seemed to be chilling rather than hunting when we had a boat trip around Looe and the cormorants, yeap there are plenty of them didn't appear to be up for feeding either. 

What the boat trip did give me though apart from entertaining the family was to have a nose around by Hannafore point fishing where hopefully there are some wrasse or bass lurking.

It definitely did look like it would hold fish, but then I'm not exactly a dab hand at fishing. The boat had a glass bottom and apart from some small fish the marks were slowed down far seemed dull of plenty of thick seaweed cover but little else.

You might just about make out some seal heads in this picture, the sun eventually breaking through the clouds because it was a rather overcast day I must admit.

Still warm mind you, so still short and t-shirt weather where we have had plenty of beach time. Sarah's Pasty shop providing much needed subsistence because somehow I've managed to cover 24,000 steps the second day there. 

Pubs well, after a few ticked off with medicore ales, the Fisherman Inn is about the best I've found thus far popular with locals as well as passing trade, this reputedly haunted olde-worlde 16th century pub is claimed to be oldest pub in Looe. (Or is it the Jolly ?) 

It is essentially a drinkers' pub in the old tradition perhaps not for those of a more sensitive nature! Opposite the 'olde' museum and gaol, it has a modestly sized, square-shaped and beamed single bar-room at the front with a slate-flagged floor, all subject to a preservation order,

Anyway obviously I had to check it out myself on-route back from some LRF fishing where in an hour up a Pen Rocks I had countless hits from fish however, even after switching to one of the smallest lures I had I only managed one hook-up. There was only one big one showing and after it came out like a rocket but sadly I didn't managed to hook up. 

I love how they come out from their hidey-holes in such an aggressive nature, but then these rock pool warriors are certainly the top dogs, well apart from the crabs that frequent them. On to the next one, some bait fishing next time. 

The day ended nice and bright not ideal for fishing I suppose, but where there is water there is fish, fingers crossed for something to put a bend in the rod !! 


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