Friday 25 August 2023

Looe Cornwall - Harbours and Harengiforms

The pasties from Sarah's in Looe really are something else and the fact you can see them make them fresh on the premises is something you won't see elsewhere here, well not from what I can see anyway. These blue and white paper bags stand out a mile and the amount they sell everyday I assume Sarah retreats to a luxury yacht everyday. The shop opens till they run out, prepare to queue as well, but then there is a good reason for that. 

I had the beef and stilton this time and I tell you what if I lived down here I'd be the size of the house in no time. I'd need more restraint because not only are the pasties some of the best you'd ever taste the piping hot sausage rolls are like brick sized Lashford on steroids, seriously I doubt these could be bettered they are that good. !!

Anyway back to the fishing, naturally I took my fishing gear when I met up with a mate and his wife at the Fisherman's Arms in Looe in the evening, because I timed it just right to hit the harbour at dark. He owns a couple of holidays cottages here and almost home from home for them as they are down here that often.

I can see why they like it though because there is plenty to see and do on the doorstep and unlike many Cornish seaside towns apparently it is still busy out of holiday season. Shame the weather for our trip was mixed but thankfully we have had more good than bad.

The harbour is a lovely place to be when it's dark. The fish had other ideas though, because after chucking a small sidewinder lure around to match the hatch so to speak, because there are large pockets of sandeels milling around during the day, I feel like I was wasting my time.

You can see literally all the way to the bottom in some of the deeper swims where apart from minnow sized fish being chased by things around 3 or 4 inches long the bigger fish were nowhere to be seen.

Stupidly I didn't bring the LRF gear because I'm sure I'd have caught something because they did come up to the lure to take a look. I'm not sure what they were though so if I can be motivated I might have another go this evening.

We are having a walk up the costal path to Limmicks Rocks so hopefully there are some rock pools there I can give the LRF a go again. The lack of fish has been frustrating really but I've yet to see anyone else catch anything either. To be honest I'm only having a dabble here and there, still the harbour was a nice place to blank though, I left at 11.00pm where there was the odd wobbly straggler milling around, time for the off !!


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