Sunday 27 August 2023

Appledore - Fledglings and Floccinaucinihilipilification

My motivation is lacking at the minute because well the weather isn't the best now is it, so after the rather slow (1hr 50m) but small distance (60 odd miles) drive across country from Looe to Westward Ho!!! to leave the car on my brothers drive, we headed in for a bite to eat before heading to the next weeks accommodation on Appledore.

Chris is raving it up at Creamfields where judging by the participants on YouTube, I saw Carl Cox DJ before the majority in the crowd were even born but he is back tomorrow afternoon so hopefully we will get to catch up with him and his kids.  

He moved from Coventry 7 years ago I think and is a proper 'local' now because being a twin I get recognised now as well because he is part of the furniture here and a well known face, especially in the pubs.

The surfers were certainly enjoying themselves, Westward Ho !! seems to be in the middle of another building phase because the seaside resorts just seems to grow bigger and bigger every time we visit. Unlike Looe though the people have far exceeded its facilities.

Still Seabirds in Appledore is a nice cozy place to spend the next week and we could see the lifeboat anchored up in the rather choppy waters. 

Releasing a chocolate hostage has a nice vantage point and when the weather allows the garden will be a nice little spot to spend some time enjoying a beer or three. Now in I'm in Benidorm for a night and then have 4 nights with some mates at Wardy's Villa so once I'm back the diet needs to get back on track the booze reigned in a bit. 

John's of Appledore must be the most expensive and mediocre deli and shop in the entire world, the sausage rolls are Greg's quality and three times the price. The pasties, well don't bother, drive to Sarah's in Looe Cornwall instead, that's a proper pasty, not John's offering.

With the cost of living crisis going on ok I know business are struggling but they really are taking the pee charging top dollar for ordinary. 

At least the >100 mini's that came down Irsha Street brightened up the day with their air horns and proper engines. 

The modern interpretations looked out of place I must admit and I worked on the R50 mini as it was known many many moons ago. To be fair considering how long ago the modern version was designed it still looks relatively fresh today.  

We decided to have a quiet day where before making a Sunday Dinner I had a couple of hours chucking the lure around at high tide.

It did look perfect for a bass but despite swapping lure and trying lots of areas nothing was doing. I've caught a bass in this area in the past but despite having to avoid the swimmers and also swimmers with dogs who clearly didn't seem worried they could get a lure in the noggin, I ended up biteless before I had to head back and get the dinner on the go. 

The fledglings nesting in the door opposite had the best idea because the rain started hammering down and I had to make a swiftly retreat.

Lets hope the weather improves because plenty of things planned which sadly are scuppered when the weather doesn't play ball. There are some rock pools outside the gaff so I'm tempted to give those a go. Anyway some live music on later at the Beaver, that will do !!


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