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Wednesday 11 January 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Dead Certs and Decalcomania

In a Police lineup with a union leader in and amongst those potentially having a finger pointed in their direction, just one sentence spoken by each of the lineup, I reckon I could 9 times out of 10 find the "One out, all out" instigator.

A dead cert for sure !!!

With the rivers all over the shop again I had a small window of opportunity to try and winkle out a chub. 

A new flood warning has been put on the River Severn in Shrewsbury (surprise surprise), with the county bracing itself for more torrential rain to add to the already swollen water. 

Flood barriers are up in both the county town and further downstream at Ironbridge, while hundreds of acres of farmland are under water upstream.

Now as well as the flood warning in Shrewsbury there are lesser flood alerts for the entire length of the Severn in Shropshire as well as on the Upper Teme in the south and the Tern and Parry to the north. 

Thankfully there are options more locally to me however the Warwickshire Avon is due to rise dramatically again, but it could work in my favour because the next available fishing fix would be 48 hours later when I could try (unsuccessfully most likely) for a winter barbel.

So for this session it was bankside to a dead cert !!!

As always another short session this, so short in-fact, the engine was still warm when I left where sadly a supermarket beckoned for a 'key ingredient'

Some prawns for a prawn curry in this case 😀

But fear not when you have a dead cert especially when the 'prime' chub biting time was nearly here, it is just a matter of going through the motions !!! Preparation is the key, the bread mash already mashed, the more robust John Wilson Quiver rod made up, and with the net strapped to the car, the tripod and phone mount screwed together. 

The phone in airplane mode...

...the bread mash in the slack to prime

Rig out at dusk, a bold bite within 10 minutes, job's a good'un, boxed ticked, I'm out of here 

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