Monday, 28 November 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Lumbar's and Lumpenintelligentsia

With George managing a nice Barbel off this stretch 24 hours earlier I fancied a dabble on the barbus front as well and have some well deserved rest as part of it. This Dave's peg, a hot spot for barbel in the past, for him anyway I'd not had one yet. I felt a bit guilty nicking his swim, you see Dave is currently resting with a gammy leg, but hey, Dave I was keeping it baited for when you return.  

Now this new Solar chair of mine really is quite lovely, ok, it wasn't particularly cheap even when I managed a decent discount but with long armrests, a lumbar support and decent padding to watch those motionless rod tips it really is a pleasant place to park ones backside. 

The river looked perfect for a bite, a nice strong tea colour and so so temperatures Georges fish showed that they could well be up for a feed.

2 hours in though fishing two rods which is unusual for me I only had a few nibbles on the lobworms and nothing on the meat and that was it Nothing strikable anyway, still it was nice watching the water and when the farmer turned up for a natter the lack of action was quickly forgotten. 

Turns out he used to live in the same village as I do now back in the 1950's 🤯 yeap he is still putting a days shift in at 80 years old and he certainly looked fit for it.

Where as I seem to be picking up more aches and pains everyday, I need to up my exercise I think, I'm sure I'd get the benefit from it. The COVID seems to be on the way out now thankfully, the sore throat was horrible for a couple of days and I still feel a little chesty and tired, but nothing more than a cold really. 

Anyway after the farmer left and with only a couple of hours left till I had to leave, I decided to get the gear back in the car and drive to the next fishable peg down the stretch to try and drop on the fish. 

As bite on the worms literally after casting the bait out I though I was on to a winner, but nope, again after an hour on the worm and meat, with feeders filled with shrimp and krill groundbait nothing to show for it.

The beauty of this stretch though is that you can almost drive the whole length so again, back in the car and I headed to a shallower area upstream. This change made the difference because within seconds of the lobworm settling a sharp pull straight away which I missed.

The bait went back out again and sure enough the next bite a fish was on !!! It headed straight for a snag and only a smallish chub but at least it was a blank avoider. Another fish 20 minutes afterwards it was time to go sadly. If only I'd started out in that swim it might have been a different story. The meat rod, yeap not a sausage. 


  1. Get moving boi. Walking and kettlebells will get you fit. Its all you need imo.


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