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Saturday 12 February 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Peregrination and Periodontists

A bit of a testing week I must say, with the Wife isolating with COVID after Sam's episode a couple of weeks ago meant I was on the school run as well as having work up to ones eyeballs. Both ok thankfully, Sam had a high temp for 24 hours and the Wife, cold symptoms basically, although her temp plummeted to 35.7 at one point, that was a little worrying. 

Then all was going well until Sam bashed one of his chipped teeth off AGAIN which meant a trip to the dentist was in order to glue it back on. Now usually the uv activated glue worked quite well up till now having lasted 4-6 mths without issue but a chicken and chips treat dinner later in the evening obviously this time round it didn't take so well.  

You see not long in to eating he felt his sharp broken tooth again and it must have fallen off and went where the Southern Fried chicken and chips ended up, yeap his stomach !!! 
Bugger !!!

So next week will bring more joy now doubt when he will now have to have it built up with filler because a proper cap won't be fitted till his mouth stops growing in about 6-8 years time 😬 Now talking about mouths growing I fancied a short session for my favourite winter species the chub and a stretch close to home can throw up some nice ones.

Their numbers have declined over the years sadly but the stretch always holds fish because of the cover and features. So out with the bread gobstoppers and a roving approach to drop in to a few swims to try and get a quick bite.

It was tougher than I thought but I still managed a couple of nice fish the best going 5lb dead and gave me a right old tussle in the pacey water. 

After 5 or 6 swims later without a touch I decided to up-sticks and venture a few miles away to the syndicate stretch to feed the rest of the mashed bread and to also give it a once over.

As soon as I got bankside I disturbed two cormorants feeding in the clearing water and to be honest their presence should have told me to go downstream and fish another club water. 

But no I decided to stick it out and baited a couple of swims and then fed the main swim as shown here and fished a bread disc on the hook, but sadly no bites whatsoever.

There are some nice fish here to be caught but there was no sign of chub and for that matter other species too. Still nice to be out and a couple of nice fish caught so I'm not complaining. 


  1. A five pound chub would make most anglers season - nice one!

    1. The 6lber is there to be caught Brian, I'll just have to enjoy the 5lbers in the meantime !!!


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