Saturday 9 January 2021

Warwickshire Avon - Predicaments and Predestinarianism

I bet many anglers have been in the same predicament as I was in the evening before this session. You see with the weather being cold, what should I fish for, what should I do ? where shall I go ? double dipping or a single minded approach.   

Now for someone that plans sessions well ahead of them happening, this wasn't good. I hate uncertainty heck I'm an engineer after all, I approach even angling with the mindset and methodology you must have to succeed in the industry. I doesn't help that I'm spoilt with so many fishing options on ones doorstep.

That kind of went out the window though and it was only in the morning when I decided what to fish for and where I'd go. Normally I'd have the gear in the car already, not this time, it was sorted in the morning post a couple of slices of toast and a steaming hot cup of Yorkshire's finest.  

I've never really given Pike a good go really in-fact my mediocre PB can easily be bettered on the Warwickshire Avon, so Pike it was, they are up for a feed in the most coldest of conditions and not only that, but apart from the Chub, they can offer the angler a rare bend of the rod.

2 rods, both smelt and I'd wobble the deadbait time to time, that was the plan anyway, oh and move from swim to swim, like I do to try and drop on the fish.

I'd caught some nice fish here before, not just some double figure Pike but some nice roach and chub too. There was hardly anything moving though, hardly any fish topping and after the fourth swim without a bite, over 2.5 hours in to the 4 and bit hour session I decided to up-sticks and visit the syndicate stretch as its on the way home to see if anything would be up for a feed there.

There river looked spot on (for trotting for dace 😐 ) when I got there, the fog descending to form a thick blanket over the area, in-front of me, more or less whiteout over the fields.  

Still there are some tasty looking swims for pike, I've managed a couple here already and the dace shoals are particularly big hence why the predators in theory should hang about. The water looked perfect for a bite, but to cut a long story short, there was nothing doing at all. A blank, just goes to show, in what seemed perfect conditions the fish cannot be told to feed. 


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