Wednesday 27 January 2021

The Korda Maggot Winter Toasting Table

Ever found yourself in that winter predicament where your lifeless maggots need reviving from their cold slumber, and you're contemplating whether or not it is a good idea to put a handful of the wrigglers in your mouth ?

Well STOP look no further, and no it's not April the 1st there will be a new product to the market soon which will be a solution to your problem. 

Now after extensive infield testing (half an hour down the river Alne) where an off the shelf heated coaster all the way from sunny China was repackaged to something more angling friendly, the Maggot Winter Toasting Table could well be an answer to your prayers.

Designed by a well respected Automotive Design Engineer Mick Newey (An hours CAD) whilst his Wife Sarah was watching the Crown, the revolutionary  toasting table with it's built in rechargeable USB powerbank can offer those maggots a sanctuary from that cold pint tub where they can now relax in 40°C splendour.

Have no fear that after finding their dancing feet they may escape either, because once placed in the warming vessel the aerodynamically designed (finger in the air ) unclimbable wall, means they have the same probability of escape as a criminally insane resident of Broadmoor has when faced with their three-storey perimeter walls. 

It ain't going to happen....

Now you can see in the drawing above it's a rather compact design that defies the punch it packs. After some feasibility issues with the initial design was corrected, the part can now go to tooling, so watch this space. 

Coming to a tackle shop near you post COVID-19 obviously !!!! 

Anyway register your interest here if you want to jump the queue and get your hands on one before anyone else. 

Think I need a break....


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