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Sunday 4 August 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Upturns and Understrappers

The fishing might have been poor this morning, but the rake worked well and to be honest kept Sam entertained during this mornings session. Fish can switch on and off quickly and with the colour now dropped out of the river again the conditions are not easy.

Nic and Anastasia were already fishing when we got there and were catching fish. Perch and Rudd the main stay here and they were were getting bites. Worms close to the edge doing the business when the silver fish switched off. 

We caught some fish though, not huge, small dace and Rudd in the end which were talking caster on the drop. Sweetcorn was ignored oddly however on the retrieve Sam foul hooked a bream that went off on a run. He got it under control but the first roll of the fish it took the hook out with it.

A bend in the rod though which for Sam can make or break a session. I'm sure we will be back when the conditions are more conducive for a bite. 

When Nic and Anastasia left us to it after bites dried up for them in the end we tried a couple more spots with similar results. I'm sure an evening would have been better but with a busy day ahead that wasn't possible. Nice to be out though even though results were mediocre but a humid day ahead.

It's the Wife's birthday next week so with a few things planned to celebrate although weather dependant I will hopefully try and squeeze two evening sessions in. One for carp and one for Barbel, fingers crossed for a bite, I could do with a bend in the carbon at the minute otherwise I might lose interest in rivers and pop to the canal for Zander.


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