Sunday, 18 August 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Jerry Sneaks and Jockums

Some extra water on, the colour from clear to at least a tinge, and with some maggots to use up, the session was decided. Down to an area where baitfish are in abundance predators not far away. Now I'd foul hooked a Zander here last trip, a huge piece of breadflake meant for Chub pulled out of the bread and managed to catch itself on the tail of a schoolie. I'd been told about Zander here despite not catching them myself so after todays session I put that to bed.

There is Zander here !!!!

Now Sam was with me for this session, a livebait aerator to keep some livebaits fresh, mainly bleak but the old small dace. A bite a chuck in one particular swim where fish after fish where caught. Those retained would be released at the end of the session to see out another day.

There was only one swim we could fish a livebait properly and after a couple more we tried we stuck it out in a swim close to the bank with hardly any flow just off the crease of the river around 3 to 4 foot deep.

Ten minutes in to the session the pike bobber sailed under and Sam lifted in a fish. It was giving him some stick as well. At first I thought it was a massive Perch and he could feel the head shaking but then when I got the landing net ready the bait pulled out of the fishes mouth. The flanks all to see, a Zander.

Damn, a shame that as would have been his first on the river, like his Dad he's caught plenty from the canal, but it give his arm a work out and "felt like the biggest fish I'd ever hooked"

The Perch were giving us some action as well, all on livebaits but sadly nothing that would trouble the drag on the reel. The best Perch swim here not accessible, waterlogged and also the stinging nettles to thick for access. Decent sport though and Sam enjoyed the session as he'd never caught livebait caught fish before. It is still quite amazing just how big a live bait, a small perch can devour without much trouble.

Another decent fish on that again dropped the bait when it was heading towards the net we stuck it out for another half an hour, and eventually managed to catch the Zander that was hanging around the swim. I was on rod duties this time but handed Sam the rod once I'd set the hook. 4lb 2oz on the scales a long but very lean fish. A scar in his flanks showing that he had been in the wars and barely hooked in the top of the mouth, on a small size 6 hook as well.

An enjoyable session so I think we'll try another area using the same tactics. I like to mix my fishing up and for once Sam's attention span didn't waver. But then who doesn't like to see a bobbing float sail under ?


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