Friday, 2 August 2019

Warwickshire Avon - Sly Boots and Smears Gelts

The sucker fish in need of rescuing, the fish tank overhaul and refreshing caught him off guard, the plane decorations not a place for a fish this size. He was stuck in the tail !!! after a couple of days without budging and not being his usual bossy self it was time for action.

The psychedelic tank drained a little to allow plane extraction, to relieve the fish out of the predicament he was in. The problem was he didn't like to be forcefully removed and his suction so strong I was worried I'd do him some damage.The power for such a small fish incredible.

I had to break off a piece of wing to allow better access however sadly it called for the end of a teaspoon and a tug on its tail end. Eventually he was out from his situation ready to be returned to the tank again. Some superglue for repair and a plasticine plug to close the bottleneck hopefully he won't get in to that situation again.

With the river up with some colour I fancied trying for a Zander. When the water is like this they are top dog, their eyesight allowing superior and unmatched hunting ability where other species of fish cannot be bothered. A barbel for sure might be up for feeding and the greedy fry but nothing much else.

So a couple of hours in to dusk, a ledger sleeper and a float set-up both with roach deads. A nice warm evening with a little rain in the afternoon I was hopeful for a bite. A bite came quick as well, on the float rod, the initial couple of bobs the float sailed under and a fish was on. I could tell what it was straight away, yeap a greedy Jack just under 3lb that at leas registered a couple of points for the challenge board.

A dropped run on the ledger and tell tale Zander puncture marks I thought I was up for a decent session but sadly it wasn't. You see Eels, and lots of them, in-fact after one dropped off that looked a decent size I did think about scaling down because they didn't leave the bait alone. The problem was not only didn't I have the right size hooks with me, my landing net was inadequate for the task in hand.

A strange old session, an enjoyable evening mind you, the sunset was lovely again.


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