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Saturday 16 December 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Terrorists and Troglodytes

“We went every Sunday to visit Shakespeare’s house," "I was not impressed and I saw that they were a society different from ours and that they were a morally loose society.” “I got the impression that they were a loose people, and my age didn’t allow me to form a complete picture of life there.”

That’s just one extract from a load of documents released by the CIA recently to come from the nutter and riled by the West, 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

So apparently Stratford-Upon-Avon could have influenced his view of the world and led him to commit his life to jihad.

He found it “Decadent” apparently.

Decadent, Decadent !!!

My backside….

As someone that has lived in the area for some time now, can someone please point me to the dancing girls (Kaz bar excused), the gin palaces and the seedy massage parlours.

Fine a hostelry after midnight, you'll be lucky....

Heck, maybe it’s now time to give Stratford Uponavon a makeover, forget 400 years of Shakespeare and all what goes with it, I and many are a little bored of all that now, let’s have a town built on debauchery and Dirty Black Russians, that’s Vodka, coffee liqueur and coke for those that want to make one.

So here is an idea, apart from turning the butterfly museum in to a cannabis factory. Clear the area around the Bancroft Basin of its painted human statues, magicians and wiggly worm sellers and have a One o’clock Gun similar to Edinburgh castle.

Forgot the firing of a boggo canon though, we need more of a show. Maybe re-instate one the trebuchets at Stratford Armouries, build a huge replica of Bin Ladens head (spitting image stylee) stuck on a plinth of bottled moonshine and take some inspiration from David Cronenberg’s film Scanners and give his head a proper good curtain faller via a flaming canon ball.

BOOM !!!!

A little like the chillies used in this curry I made myself last night....

For this session post snowpocalypse which is about the most excitement Stratford has had in years, 6” inches of the white stuff at my gaff, a proper dumping like we have not seen before, so much came down we even managed to build a snow man, yes really, I was off to an area home to hermits. You see, here, despite the river being well up is an area of solitude, an area that even when the river is turbid and turbulent, sanctuary can be found.

I’ve caught all manner of fish in this area so it was a case of double dipping, so deadbaits for Pike and Zander and then on the other rod meat.

When I got to the river I couldn't believe how high it was, the colour too, more coloured than I thought. It was up and over the banks, the staging under water but yeah, cannot catch anything without a bait in the water.

2 hours with only a few pings and small pulls on the meat rod and nothing on the deadbait I decided to move to an area that has also been good to me in the past. This time after two hours though there was even less interest, hmmm not good, the influx of rain and salty slow melt must have put them off.

A big fat blank....

I'm having to unleash the cheese paste I made 4 years ago....needs must.


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