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Monday 7 August 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Sanctuary and Sedimentology

After buying a job lot of a certain mining company shares some time ago now, it looks things are on the move, the company told investors like me that the company has concluded a “very successful” second round of follow-up meetings with Tanzanian government departments and its stakeholders regarding the special mining application.

I’ve been watching Tanzania movement for a while now as I’m sure it provides one of the most attractive investment environments in Africa following its embrace of open-market economic policies starting in the mid 1990’s.

Gold, diamonds, gemstones and more recently nickel and uranium, what’s not to like….

About time, I need to see some movement on my investment. I’ve a Porsche Turbo S with my name on it remember.

Not going to happen anytime soon though, turning a penny in to a pound ain’t that easy, but I’m not quite ready to #moveon just yet mind you.

A big stumbling block mind you, as a rock passes ones noggin….

You see, the problem is since his election two years ago President John Magufuli who has a nickname “the bulldozer” because of his leadership style has recently taken a series of actions to redistribute mining revenue to Tanzanians, and recently passed two new laws that contain sweeping changes to the legal and regulatory framework of the mining industry.

An export ban on gold and copper concentrate exports has been in force since March, tax upped for mining companies, another kick in the goolies.

I’m waiting the future events with bated breath.

Now talking of mining, this seemingly unfathomable stretch of the Warwickshire Avon, really is very deep indeed and I’m sure they are some gems to be had, why wouldn’t there be, you see if something big wants to hide it’s here.

Danny and I were biteless last time, but I came armed with a different approach for this session, as one of the carp set-ups was changed for a zander set-up and an evening was swapped for a morning session.

You see when the lead dunked the bed it just felt right, like a freshly laid table cloth ready for a Sunday Roast, both needed to go together.

It needed a trap set….this time a couple of smelly ones….

This was the first outing of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ and throughout the morning it was clear that the start the end and the bit I was fishing the middle of this 0.7 stretch mile was to be honest fairly uniform in depth, the majority 10ft, up to 13ft in places and then the old hole that took depths to 20 foot., so to be fair we hadn’t stumbled on a hot spot, hmmm.

I’ve not read the manual properly yet, but worked more or less out of the box. It produces its own wifi signal so connection to the iphone was seamless. It switches itself on when it touches water and the app, really easy to work, albeit it seems to eat battery life.

This pedestrian stretch is ideal too as you can cast out and let it go down with the flow as it maps out the bottom. I need to play around with the sensitivity as up to max it picks up more or less everything that moves I think.

There appeared to be completely baron areas which isn’t good but at least gives me a heads up in any swim I fish.

Heck, I might even get to know how deep Snitterfield Reservoir and College Pool are. Then again I’ve not fished those for years.

The GPS feature on the pro means after downloading the UK maps you can have a split screen showing map and the fishfinder and after casting out it marks out where you are casting. For lake fisherman this looks a superb feature as the map and the depths / information you have collected can be recalled.

Anyway back to the fishing, a hole and a shelf was found in the couple of swims I decided to fish and not a jot on the meat bait but there were predators in residence, 4 greedy jacks and one Zander of 3lb 6oz and one even smaller graced my net all on sections of Lamprey.

I’m sure there was Perch down there too as something was plucking at it on the drop but ignored it on the most part when it got to the bottom.

The deeper is certainly a useful bit of tech and I’m looking forward to using it again.


  1. I'll watch your Deeper trials with interest Mick. Intriguing device and it will be good to see what value you get from it. If it can find river tench you know where I am!

  2. I really enjoyed being here. Thanks for sharing all in detail.


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