Monday 21 August 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Aioli and Adoxography

Greek Souvlaki, hummus, pitta, insanity salted chips and homemade proper aioli. The skewers of corn fed chicken thighs marinated overnight in Greek yoghurt, with lemon, minced garlic, oregano and a sprinkling of chilli flakes, for a little heat, wedges of red onion, red pepper, and courgette.

Whacked on the barbecue for a little while, a bottle of dry white….

There is something satisfying about simple home cooking….

The session in the morning was simple was well, back to a nice and deep part of the Avon, a lure rod, shoulder bag, net and unhooking mat. 

A 12g jig head and 12 cm lure was the order of the day and I’d change the lure from time to time for something bigger, something smaller so see what was doing.

The sky was clear the sun out so I after the 2nd cast when a Zander picked up the bait I was a little shocked, but this area can me like that, fish on some swims but not in others, it’s just the matter of going from peg to peg and see what is doing.

The Pike were active too, one lost a few other smaller fish banked and a tiny jack that had eyes bigger than its belly, but nothing of note.

Then a larger Zander turned up, it properly nailed the lure and I wondered if it could be the same fish that took the tail off one of the shads with an aggressive bite.

5lb 4oz and a great scrap on a short lure rod….

I do love a Zander and fancy trying some deads here in the winter to see what might turn up….

The bites got less throughout the morning so plenty of casting was required and when the same fish turned up, (I think) in two pegs down it was time to go.

An enjoyable morning that’s for sure, I need to do move of it….and less of these quick posts need some adoxography in my blogging. 


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