Friday 26 May 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT65 – Mother Suckers and Slangwhangers

The welcome Martin and I received wasn’t very nice to be honest, straight on the attack for having the cheek to use the adjacent and empty pub car park.

I’d just opened my boot FFS.

If Nora Batty cared to ask before getting on her high horse she would have realised we intended to have a pint of warm ale and a cold cider anyway.

How about approaching it differently, 'hey chaps, hope you catch the fish you're after, we have some nice ales in here if you fancy popping in when you have five minutes'

Now this establishment is off our dining radar as some time ago they refused to serve just two kids meals as we and the Wife were as ‘adults’ dining later on and only wanted a drink.The kids were peckish and with Ben the way he is we had no choice to appease these clowns and order a one adult meal and ones kid’s meal and whilst the kids troughed up vowed to never set foot in this apparent public service hostelry.

A business model not to be followed, the décor straight out of Phoenix Nights.

The food, well, another reason why I couldn’t go back, I’ve had better meals at Warwick Hospital.

So f**k’um, excuse my French, they will not get any more of my hard earned money especially when in the locality luckily this isn't the norm. I’d found alternative parking though and if there is an outside chance of a decent Zander, then it was worth slumming it.

Problem was with all this sunshine we are bathing in at the minute, I'd be fishing over from the beer drinkers, I suppose at least being outside you can avoid the sticky carpets.I like solitude when I'm fishing so it would have to wait till a morning session where I'd be on my tod, or maybe wait till a cold evening. I'm running out of time though on this continued quest. In fact probably only one or two sessions left.

Bait, well the Lamprey seemed to be the Mother of all Suckers last weekend and the Zander were properly on it, so for this short evening session I upped the bait size and intended to fish two 4 or 5 inch sections under my usual over depth float set-up.

The lure rod, a crayfish replicant slowly teased across the shallow bottom.

Now the sun was beating down and I knew it would be tough, you see I've found colder the better for Zander and they can switch off completely depending on the mood they are in.

Talking about moods, well we all know carp revel in warmer waters and about 2 hours in to the 3 hour session I saw a disturbance in the margins that was getting closer and closer. I walked to the moving wake and sure enough a rather large group of carp were headed my way.

I walked next to them for a bit, probably 10 plus fish with the biggest over 15lb and they didn't seem to have a care in the world. Like the zander they ignored the lamprey but got me thinking about I really need to catch a double figure canal Zander as I'd like to target the carp here. Later on a couple of doubles were patrolling the margins like their lake dwelling cousins and despite me being in close proximity they didn't seem to mind.

It was really nice to see, at least the evening wasn't wasted.

So another Zander blank though, and I'm running out of time....


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