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Monday 1 May 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT59 – Shunamitism and the Scobblerlotcher

Sat at his desk twiddling his thumbs my mate really needs a hobby, the move from Coventry to the outskirts of Leamington his plan was to get a dog, walk the mutt everyday and then to seek some solitude away from the raucous kids by frequenting a public house that welcomes not just him with a warm pint of ale and a chat, but also the pooper with a water bowl and a bucket of doggy chews.

After buying a dog for some reason it lasted a couple of weeks and the scobblerlotcher went back to his old ways of making up excuses, hardly leaving the house and eventually fell back in to his usual routine of propping up the kichen with a beer watching the world go by.

To be honest it didn’t help that the pubs in walking distance were not dog friendly, whoops !!!

I did suggest a dabble in shunamitism to revitalise his youth but there is that obvious problem of being married, yeap he needs something else to occupy his mind.

“You need to find something that that the Wife had no interest it “

“What, like SEX !!!!”

“hahaha, nope what about fishing ?, it’s a great hobby”

“Errr, no thanks, I’d rather have all my teeth pulled…without anesthetic…by a blind dentist…armed only with a wooden spoon”

The thing is this pastime of ours is hard to portray and describe to those that cannot see the appeal, after all, sometimes it better that they don’t know as to keep it to ourselves.

Don’t want just anybody enjoying what we do now do we….mind clear, ones subconscious dormant.

This session was to merely enjoy the much needed detachment and solitariness to keep one sane and mind refreshed, I was back to an area that I’m sure makes up one of the transitional routes of these big old canal Zander.

I’d caught a 8lb 10oz fish not far from here and I know of another big fish caught not so far away so for this short evening session I was to spend some time fishing this stretch, leapfrogging again, cover and once in a while the channel.

Now the Blogger's 2017 / 2018 Challenge started today with the highlight so far a pictures of Russ's proud looking Cock but for me it was start in anger when the river season starts, but then a family holiday and with the Wife on a Hen Do the weekend we get back it might start later than I hoped. It's going to give me a nice diversion from targeting Zander because at the moment I'm schoolied out.

This session was a little different mind you, well not even any bites on lure or dead so even a schoolie wasn't caught. A weird day weather wise, wonder if it put the fish off.

A big fat blank.

Wednesday I might have company and having fished the same spot recently, it's a guaranteed area for some much needed points that's for sure.


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