Thursday 11 May 2017

Closed Season Zander Quest PT62 – Fat Females, Feast and Famine

I usually turn right, today I turned left….

It’s an area I’d fished before but after a few blank sessions it vanished off my radar but then the last time here there were Zander, in numbers too.

A spawn filled female, albeit a youngster and starry-eyed hormone riddled males….

They were aggressive as well giving me a right doing over when a few were caught, pound for pound they were Ricky Hatton in his early days.

Lean and mean, full of beans….

I was here to try and see if like Ricky, their gloves were in storage and they were on the kebabs, pizza’s and pies.

Remember Ricky lost 5 stone, (yes really) for his comeback fight against Vyacheslav Senchenko after his 2nd round loss to Manny Pacquiao where he weighed in at 10 stone 5 lb’s. He lost in the 9th after a proper good kidney punch and couldn’t recover and that was the end of him as a boxer but like Hatton I’ve found with these Zander, they do like their food.

Then again don’t we all….

A little like the newlywed bride with the ring on her finger, even relatively small framed fish can pack on the poundage, and quickly too….

But the truth is, a little like the Fatty Arbuckles nights out in Coventry, it was the more fuller figured females I was searching for with modesty a forgotten trait. Come winter will save a fortune on heating bills, but not only that be they are the only way I’m going to conclude my Quest for a cut double.

There was a frost on my windscreen in the morning so the water would have been relatively cold overnight but the day was pleasant with much sunshine and bit like us humans the sun gets us off that couch and gets us moving.

The was a short 2 hour after work session and with a busy weekend where fishing wouldn’t feature it needed to count.

My bait fridge was rather sparse so bait for this session was small really old and rather manky looking whole roach rather than the sections I use. After an hour and a half with baits positioned and lure here and there I was biteless but then the right hand rod started to move and a bite developed.

As soon as I struck in to the fish I knew it wasn't a tiny splasher but still not what I'm after, it was soon netted and weighed 2lb 13oz's. With it still in the net the other float starts to move and a fish was on. This time the ten a penny schoolie which is the norm when I started the quest in anger again. I assume a pack moved in like they do.

20 minutes left, no more bites at least it was a few more points earned.


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