Saturday 18 February 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Trump Card

The trump card had to be played, I had to get out fishing you see, the river was up and on the rise, weather mild, wind low so there was a chance for a Barbel.

Dave Roberts had already been relaying by text the Barbel he was catching so I needed to get out.

The weekend was already ‘organised’ for me though so the window of opportunity for two fishing sessions was going to need reaching for the pack of cards.

Two you say, well yes, because I had my eye on fishing for Chub too at an altogether different stretch of the Avon but it meant we’d have to leave a little later than expected on the Sunday morning otherwise I’d have a session so short it probably wouldn’t be worth bothering with.

I know my Wife too well though, she can be bought…

To be honest it wasn’t that hard, I finish at lunchtime on Friday you see so often go for lunch, “hey fancy a bite to eat” before we pick the kids up.

“Go Greek if you want, and can get that nice bottle of Makedonikos you like”

“sounds like a great idea, not been there for a while have we”

So mid sharing mezedakias of spanacopita, keftedes, stifdo, sluvlaki and moussaka, oh and a glass down, I was out with it.

“you know Sunday, what time do we have to leave again ?”

“9.30, 10.00’ish”

“Bugger, was hoping to get out again, oh well” “I felt the fresh air helped with my lurgy last week” “sitting on ones backside all week working doesn’t really help does it” “oh forgot to ask” “what did you do in your free time this week ?”

“Just get to the point !!!”

“Conditions are idea are ideal for fishing and the season ends soon, ok if we leave a little later so I can fish Sunday morning.”

“Yes I’m sure that would be ok, you didn’t need to take me out for lunch you know, you only had to ask”

She’s not stupid my missus….

Anyway to the session, 5 degree outside temperature so fairly pleasent for two hours a couple of taps on spicy meat and boilie and then Martin Roberts turned up who was planning to fish for Barbel also, suggested to shorten the hair and chop down the boilie, even suggesting where to cast, and he certainly knows his stuff down here, so it was exactly what I did.

Weirdly the first fish was a small Zander on a Roach section after swapping hook links but after another angler downstream of me had managed a Barbel I was out all with two chopped down 18mm spicy squids.

About half an hour in the left hand rod goes mental and a Barbel is on.

These small Barbel give a spirited fight even in these cold conditions and as soon as it surfaced it was confirmed.

I didn't weight it but looked about 4lb - 4.5lb.

The next Barbel came pretty quickly afterwards and again on the left hand rod. Slightly larger, but a nice mint fish like they all appear to be down here.

Anglers upstream of me were biteless with Martin having my peg when I packed up to get back to family duties. The two anglers downstream were faring better with a couple of fish banked the biggest 9lb.

Certainly despite being cold, the coloured conditions meant they were happily feeding in spells.

So a few hours in the morning and with the river dropping I'm off chubbing. Barbel would be on the feed but there are a couple of swims I want to try, otherwise I'd not forgive myself.

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  1. I'm sure they'll continue to feed quite confidently for a while yet, best of luck Mick, you deserve a right lump for your perseverance!


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