Monday 20 February 2017

Warwickshire Avon – Enbarbelment

I was bankside just prior to dusk and it was a lovely brisk walk over the fields towards the end of the club stretch. I caught Barbel the morning before further upstream but I wanted to fish one particular swim where I suspect there are bigger fish lurking.

The first day of the season I lost a decent fish in this area and despite fishing it again a few times I’d only banked a couple of splashers.

I only had 3 hours before I had to head back so everything was prepared before the session, the PVA bags tied, the hair rigs equipped.

The river had dropped considerably in 24 hours and even the colour was starting to go, to be honest looked more Chubby than Barbelly but heck got to give it a go.

The river was still carrying some pace and in the usually shallower areas it was motoring through. Luckily this swim has some deeper features which slows the pace somewhat and it’s here where I suspect the large fish may be seeking sanctuary.

As I’ve said before, I don’t particularly enjoy sitting behind ones rods but this swim needed the dedication.

So with two rods out it was sit back and try and watch the rod tips. Barbel don’t mess around though so as long as they are ones peripheral vision, it’s not an issue.

Lots of distractions here you see as the neighbouring fields are full of wildlife.

Just over this short session there were hundreds of Starlings in an acrobatic mass swapping between tree to tree, two hunting hawks,woodpeckers,a barn owl and even a buzzard with wings in a shallow ‘V’, tail fanned with its catlike mewing, an awesome sight.

Oh and the resident Kingfishers which seemed more active than ever….

Then Bang, Bang, Bounce & Bang….

A bite, an hour in, a small but plump fish but some right good whiskers on it so and it would be nice to catch in a few year when it's grown to its frame.

It gave a pretty good fight so maybe that disturbed the swim as no more bites came before I had to up sticks and head homeward bound. At least they are biting, and at the time they are at their fattest too.I need to squeeze another session or two in before the season ends.

Monday would have been ideal, an unseasonal 14 degrees.

Sadly I've got bills to pay, so work it is.

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  1. That fish does have big whiskers. There are some right lumps in that bit of river.


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