Friday, 30 December 2016

Warwickshire Avon - Back to Basics

I don't trot enough, not sure why because whenever I do, the session really goes quick which must mean I'm enjoying it and getting in to the 'zone'. It also means that one doesn't think about anything, it's hard to explain to a non maggot drowner, but the mind really does go clear, giving it a much needed break. To be honest, it keeps me sane, I'm sure of it.

Odd though isn't it, hours to oneself you would have thought the mind would be overactive, but it isn't it goes in to hibernation, well for me anyway.

I think of not a jot....

Before I had to get back to make a curry for a crowd for the annual get together with some close friends I was water bound across the meadows with the mist starting to lift for a quick trotting session on the Warwickshire Avon.

One thing I do get wrong that I need to correct is that I'm sure I don't feed enough maggots because every trotting session I'm always asking the same question, why have I got so much bait left.

I had a bucket load for this quick 3 hour session though so running out wasn't an issue. In-fact I'm sure I've got enough for another trip if I can get out before I go back to work.

The ventured to the bottom of the stretch where I've caught Barbel and Chub before and it's a great swim for trotting a float, probably one of the faster swims which I prefer,

a pedestrian float ain't for me, the float just doesn't sit right, needs to have some decent current to it.

About 20 trots through the first swim I noticed some disturbance on the far bank. Eventually it put it's head out the water and it was an otter, hmmmm not good. It was patrolling the margin at a decent lick and went from my right to the left and then eventually disappeared.

It's still ridiculously low and clear on the Avon which isn't helping the fishing but a otter roaming around is going to put the kibosh on proceedings.

A friendly robin came for a natter and judging by its stomach it was having trouble finding food, like me it was wearing its winter coat.

A quick cup of coffee and it was up to the next swim to settle in for the remainder of the short session.

My main trotting outfit is a 14ft Drennan Acolyte Plus, a crystal loafer and a simple pin. The rod was pricey but considering you're handling the rod for a longish period of time, a light rod it essential and the Acolyte is just that, it's ridiculously light.

Eventually I managed to get some fish feeding, and it was some nice sport in the winter sun. It took ago while though a good half an hour in the swim before the first fish turned up.

Not the biggest stamp of fish admittedly but sometimes fishing is fishing, we cannot have decent session all the time now can we. Well unless your James Denison. I think I need to join James for session sometime just to see how he does it and what I'm doing wrong.

Obviously the fish need to be there and despite looking in and around some clear swims today no decent fish were spotted.

In-fact the Avon looked lifeless...

I caught a few mind you. I've a still enough grubs for another session so on to the next one....


  1. What main line do you use on the rod. I ask because I know they do a power one for bigger fish like barbel? Love the fact you enjoy the nature around you as much as the fish themselves.


  2. 4.5lb 'I think' same set-up as I used down the Itchen for Grayling.


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