Thursday 29 December 2016

Shanghai AC Christmas Match - Tunnel Barn Farm

The Christmas holiday match was planned for Shrewley Pool which always provides some good sport. At least the carp have on the most part in pretty good condition. Sadly on-route when the car was registering -4 degrees I did wonder if it was fishable. Yeap, as I thought on arrival it was frozen over. The day before 'apparently' it was perfectly fishable, today, not so.

It's not the most organised of venues having helped themselves to pictures from a blog post of mine for their Facebook page without even a thank you so it was off to try and find somewhere else to fish.

Tunnel Barn is a stones throw away and it's not a venue I particularly enjoy fishing, in-fact the more I fish these sort of venues I wonder why I bother match fishing at all. But at least they could offer pegs to fish. The Extension Pool was frozen over as were most of the pools but at least they were willing to break some ice for us.

We were paying customers after all.....

These Shanghai matches are a good social event to be fair so not all lost. Today my tactics were centrepin and float on the most part which I doubt features in many matches.

After clearing the broken ice from peg with my landing net eventually I had a fishable peg. Maggot was the order of the day and many were struggling. I could buy a bite on anything else, sweetcorn, meat and highly visible boilies were ignored.

I should have stayed in bed....

Eventually I had a few fish, and a surprise perch that fought better than the 3 wet lettuce F1 carp I managed to catch.

A tough match with a few blanks out of the 10 fishing but I managed 5th with 6lb 8oz, the winner Dave Roberts a couple of pegs down from me won with 27lb.

Luckily Simon's work has got in the way again and I've a bucket load of maggots I'm going to use on a trotting session in the morning.

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