Monday, 12 December 2016

Canal Zander - On The Fiddle

I felt rather fresh when I rose despite the evenings revelry ,the munchies obviously helped as the contents of my stomach would probably have served my bodily needs for a week.

A rare proper night out with her indoors you see didn’t end well, drink, thai meal, more drink followed by bouncing around with the great unwashed at another fantastic live gig by ‘The Levellers’ with some God awful lager in 2 pint plastic containers.

Note to the O2 venue peeps, can you get the bleeding bar situation sorted for next time we go please....

I’d luckily bumped in to a large overfriendly group of women from Leicester so at least the ridiculous sizable queuing was helped with some good conversation and some unwarranted but acceptable tit tennis where I’d won easily in straight sets.

Anyway the last train back to the Father-In-Laws was cancelled meaning we had to catch the No. 37 night service through some deprived areas of Birmingham in the slowest of buses that proceeded to stop at every single stop even when there was no one waiting….

Why oh Why, nearly an hour FFS....

I hate public transport, I really do !!!. I clearly should have done an 'Uber 'whatever that is….

Thankfully I don’t need to use it very often as I'd rather shoot myself.

It gave me good thinking time mind you. After the obligatory fried chicken and chips waiting for a Taxi when the bus eventually finished its journey it was feet up with a nice glass of wine looking at what delights were in the fridge. I’d cobbled together all manner of tackle for the overnight stop but despite not knowing what I’d fish for, after the last mouthful of pork pie however, I eventually made a decision. 

So the canal it was….

Now there was a stretch on the doorstep I could have fished but I blanked last time, just managing a rise from a Pike so I went homeward bound to try an area I’d not fished for a while but I’m sure there are some larger transient fish hanging around which would eventually grace my hook. I fancied being active for this session as it was a little nippy so a lure rod and deadbait rod it was.

I don’t do enough lure fishing when I’m targeting canal Zander having found that the large fish have all come to deadbaits but having used deads for the majority of my Zander sessions it not a surprise is it….

No sh*t Sherlock and all that….

What a session, I got there a dawn and the first swim I had 4 Zander with half an hour, and 2 Perch caught tight to the bank.

The next 2 more Zander, one lost.

The next swim the biggest Zander of the morning at around 3lb and yet another Perch.

Back to the first swim, one lost lightly hooked 5lber and two further smaller fish banked.

The most productive two and a half hours I’ve ever had on the cut I think.

As soon as the sun came out it went dead.

All on one lure too, a red headed spikey shad.

The deadbait float apart from a typical small greedy schoolie bite that didn’t connect, it remained motionless.

Have I been missing a trick ?


  1. Mick,
    Do you think that deadbaits are better when it's coloured...and (maybe therefore) lures when it's clearer?

    1. Quite possibly, deadbaits certainly are picked up by the better stamp of fish but I've still caught using them in clearish conditions such as Sunday. They are funny buggers, don't think anyone has worked them out yet.


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