Sunday 4 September 2016

Warwickshire Avon - Shanghai AC Match

I do enjoy these regular Shanghai AC matches....

Fellow automotive engineers engaging in piscatorial pursuits, the thing is I'm not a match angler, but hey any type of fishing is worth doing isn't it especially when there are out and out match anglers who take these events a little more seriously than I do.They have trollies, poles and everything.

It keeps ones interest up....

Now I knew the match would be tough, a clear river for starters but also monitoring the clubs Facebook page the results have been mediocre to say the least.

Prior to the match I had a plan, fishmeal groundbait with dead maggots, chopped worm and caster which I'd use in the feeder and worm and caster on the hook. When the whistle went I'd throw in a few orange sized balls to kick things off.

There was 8 of us in attendance, I drew peg 15, the end peg.

For the first 2 hours or so I'd caught a small Perch but I stuck to my plan and eventually I landed a few skimmers and a couple of chunkier Perch and small small Roach At least it wasn't a blank.

Then all went quiet, hmmmm

Something grabbed the feeder on the retrieve, yeap, there were Pike milling around.

With half an hour left, the quiver bent properly over and I thought I was in do a decent fish, maybe a sizeable bream, but sadly through the clear water I could see it was a Jack of a couple of pound or so which when nearing the net the inevitable happened and it cut through the line.

I'd baited the margin to try an catch a patrolling carp but for the remaining of the match the boilies remained untouched.

I'd started to pack up early and Rich and Dave had too, they found it super tough going too. But then that's river fishing for you isn't it.

The last match nearly every angler had to have two weighs, because the amount of fish caught, this was back reality I suppose.

The match was close, Mark blanked, Simon had one small Perch the rest a smattering of small fish.

Somehow I managed to win, with Breezy and Dave joint second.

Can we have some rain please.


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