Thursday 15 September 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Eye candy and the Laggard

I was hoping to distract the Zander schoolies with a tethered pole dancer, some highly visible eye candy to provide a girlfriend rib digging.

The small fish were a pain last time, nibbling and not quite talking the bait and despite the float sinking under the surface like a diving submarine they were difficult to hook up.

I had a six pounder in the vicinity after all, so I’m sure there were bigger fish to be had

A hot and humid sundown in Warwickshire
My mate Wardy is similar when he discovers salad or vegetable on his plate and they rarely reach his stomach….

Similar to the Ibiza weekender this was a quick session to find my feet again so I couldn’t afford to go through that palava again. My fishing time with the light going quicker than ever means I’ve got to try and make most of the bank time I have.

I was hoping the resulting upstream mêlée would put a bigger fish on to the static offering I had further downstream, a laggard, an idler, the loafer who is happy to fall behind others whilst cherry picking the food offerings.

So how did the session go…?

Well despite my Zander T-Shirt I couldn't manage one. There was a tad of extra colour in the water which was good but in an hour or so, only a couple of forgettable bites.

I am however going back armed with deadbaits as the first bite I had came from one, sadly I struck in to fresh air.

As I was packing upon the retrieve I realised the bait had dropped off when I put it out again.

One of those sessions sadly, oh well, you live and learn. Martin had a couple of Chub upstream but nothing of note.

With an extended session available to me Sunday, decisions decisions...


  1. I hope that's a good t-shirt and a terrible photo, not the other way round!!

  2. Brian the 'food' filter doesn't help, I'm well happy with it. Need to lose some timber though :)

  3. just stumbled across your blog , particularly like the rig photos all very interesting stuff .
    looking forward to more .


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