Monday 5 September 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Bolt-ons and Boilies

Hilly guessed early 40’s, Wardy the same, she clearly wasn’t happy.

38 hmmmmm, not sure about that

She looked more mid forties to me, but to be fair she was very well turned out and the tight fitting dress had other women looking all begrudging.

A bit skinny mind but with a couple of obvious enhancements….

….proportionally perfect bolt-ons

To be fair they we not OTT, but still looked a little odd on her slender frame.

I kept on getting flash backs of Eddie Hitler as Edwina in the TV series Bottom though, there was a resemblance there that’s for sure. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, it may well have been the hair that didn’t look quite hers.

The enhancements certainly turned the average in to the extraordinary, 'they' turned heads I’ll put it like that.

Anyway I digress….

You know when you get that feeling after a big Sunday dinner that something’s stuck midway down the oesophagus well, at the Wife’s advice, I needed to walk it off.

One too many Yorkshire puddings me thinks….

So for this quick evening session there was no messing around, I walked to the bottom of the stretch set-up the rods and had an hour or so before dusk and the need to vacate the peg.

I didn’t have time to bait and wait, so I decided to cobble together whatever I had in the bait fridge to try and enhance the hookbaits to make a bait, no hungry fish could refuse. So two hard boilies, wrapped in separate paste and hemp, small pellets and krill powder added around and within the paste to boost its power of attraction.

Both rods went out, sit back and wait….

The Chub taps and pulls started quite quickly but it’s a matter of sitting back on ones hand’s and wait till the tip goes riverward and the centrepin starts singing.

I proper wrap over came on the right hand rod within half an hour but I lifted in to fresh air, so the bait went back out again with added enhancements and sure enough with 5 minutes one short pull, them wham !!!!! the unmistakable Barbel bite, a fish was on.

The ratchet was going ten to the dozen and it powered off downstream, despite the low levels it has some pace here so a small Barbel can hide its size well. So after turning the fish and comforting its lunges I saw its flanks. After a spirited fight it and after resting in the net I weighed it I cobbled together a quick photo on the phone and gave it time to recover again before putting it back.

Not disappointing, far from it, as it’s the target species but not the size I’ll like.

I’ll get there though, I’m sure.

I'm sure it was a fellow blogger I bumped in to on the way back to car, then again it was dark after all, I could be mistaken.


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