Friday, 4 March 2016

Warwickshire Avon – Stairway to Chevin

I found myself with a small window of opportunity so it was out with the link-ledger and the cheese paste and back to stretch where on a recent session the Chub were confidently feeding. I’d missed out a couple or three swims at the last visit you see and as there was certainly a good stamp of fish in this short stretch it started to play on my mind if I’d missed out on something to lever that 5lb Monkey from my back.

I’m not a rock music fan but from time to time can appreciate some of the songs of past that outshines the dross we hear today.

Link-ledgering for Chub plays out a little like Led Zepplins 1972 song “Stairway to Heaven” where it has three defined sections and progressively increases in volume and tempo.

Approach swim with caution, underarm cast, feather the bait down to the river bed and allow the flow to get the bait settled naturally, sit back, chill

Tap, tap, knock, rattle goes the rod tip, WAIT….WAIT…..rattle, pull then…
 WALLOP !!!! As all hell breaks loose, the Chub is hooked the rod is bent double and it’s headed to Snagsville.

I’ve always wondered why Chub in particular are a lover of manky pundgent cheese paste and hours and hours of research both field and classroom I’ve come to a conclusion…

They are Greedy Ba*tards !!!!! , put it this way, they certainly ain’t shy round the buffet.

Ever wondered why the obese colleague in work who doesn’t appear to eat, is the size he is, grazing you see, he is likely to be very discrete but, a birthday muffin here, a sneaky chocolate bar there, a trip to the drive through Maccy D’s it all adds up you see. So a large visual item of food in the greedy ones peripheral vision won’t last long, it’s that simple, they are opportunists.

So bites come quick, if you don’t have a pull round within 10 minutes it’s time to move on. I’ve never found the need to add any freebies either, if the fish are in the swim, they WILL find the cheese paste.

So anyway, I ain't happy,

As you can see from the picture heavy thread, I caught plenty of Chub in three and a half hours, in-fact I lost count at 8, one was around 2, but the rest over 4lb, the biggest 4lb 10oz, with three 4lb 8oz

I bet you're as sick as seeing my ugly mug as I am with catching Chub less than 5lb.

I think I need a holiday.


  1. Not bad going though Mick, not long now before the seasons out, I know that a "five" will be found. Just keep at it mate.

    1. Well that's it, time on the back should sort it. A whole new section of the Avon to explore for next season.

  2. Cool chub rig, nice looking fish.


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