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Sunday 17 November 2013

'Brook' Chub

Short and sweet this one. I haven't been to the Warwickshire Avon 'Brook' for a few weeks now and it's changed character completely. The stingers are starting to blacken and die and that means more swims will become available.

I wanted to catch a Chub or two so a map inline feeder was filled with liquidised bread and hookbait was a big lump of smelly cheese paste.

I had a Chub from every swim but one so that made 10 Chub in 3 hours, and I even managed 2 from under this raft just downstream of the weir.

The biggest went 3lb 14oz and the last one 2lb 11oz came from the rancid sheep swim that Daniel Everitt http://thelureofangling.blogspot.co.uk/ knows well.

An enjoyable morning indeed and not another angler in sight. It's quiet too so made a change from the Arrow stretch I fish. A 6lber will come from here over the winter, no doubt about that.


  1. Hi Mick enjoy reading youre adventures, looking for somewhere to fish over the winter months, i live in Stratford so i just may buy a Stratford book and give the brook a go cheers

  2. Some cracking looking swims there Mick and what a nice days fishing.


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