Saturday, 30 November 2013

A bad case of the trots !!!!

Another stunning morning at the Brook, with loads of lobworms in the bait fridge I wanted to do some long trotting and also to see if the big Perch were in my banker swim.

I received some not so good news yesterday though, and on good authority. Two otters were seen patrolling some of the 'Brook' swims. Now I've not seen any down here myself but I've certainly seen signs that they might be in the area, I only hope they move on. We will see, if anyone else spots them, please let me know.

Talking of predators I spotted a decent Pike in the weir pool, certainly a double and although I've not started my Pike fishing yet, it's something to remember.

Certainly the river had dropped from last week and it was clear too, so not ideal. The Perch were nowhere to be see and the bites were scarce, but still manged a few fish. Only a few small chub though sadly, a bit disapointing. Such a pleasant morning though and as usual only me in attendance.  Some rain would be nice, as it's far too clear for my liking.

I've far too much on next weekend, so sadly got a two week break before I can go fishing again. I've got a plan in mind though, and maybe a last go for the Perch before I start on Pike and Chub in anger.


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