Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Green Lagoon

The reservoir looked as green as my brothers fish tank, I know we haven't had much rain recently but the levels have dropped something dramatic, maybe >6 foot lower than normal levels.

Lots of the thick blanket weed has also risen from the bed to the surface this meant my favoured swim was out of action as the weed sticks to the line like sh*t to a blanket.

I was talking to a chap this evening and he reckoned that the owner of the reservoir wanted the trees cut back and some removed as it was damaging the concrete and explain why the levels are low. As it's low now you can see the concrete is damaged in plenty of places, just looks like minor surface damage to me but then what do I know. We have certainly had a fantastic summer this year and you only have to look at your own parched lawn that it's been drier than a desert in drought. We didn't even go abroad this year, the weather was so good. Removing the trees certainly has changed the character of the place, sadly not for the better.

The carp were certainly moving on the far side of the reservoir, it was a very warm evening and they were feeding on the surface. I was after the crucians though so I moved to the corner of the lake where there was an area that was clear of the surface crud.

I decided to use a two rod approach, a float rig accurately plumbed just on the shelf with small slivers of garlic spam as bait and the sleeper rod was a sbs corn boilie and corn popper that would hopefully be a contrast to the green weed.

For an hour as usual at this venue in the evening not a fat lot happened but then when the fish were on the mouch the float was starting to bob. The first run on the sleeper rod was a 1lb Tench so that's a good sign for the future, the Tench are getting bigger but again the first fish on the float was a bream, which followed by another bream and then another bream, well you get the picture.....

Rain the weekend apparently, woo-hoo!!!!!!!! cannot come soon enough, I've missed flowing water.


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