Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blythe, Barston and the Brook...

Friday afternoon was the Shanghai AC match at Barston lakes. Only 10 fishing the match and I drew peg 10. With my method feeder rod already set-up and 45 minutes before the match was going to start I went for a look at the river Blythe which is a stones throw away from the main lake.

It's a lovely little river and the first time I've fished it. Apparently it has some nice Chub, Perch, Pike and even some trout. With only my Eel rod spare I baited with a couple of lobworms to see if I could tempt anything. After a few minutes I was getting some sharp knocks on the rod tip, a small Chub maybe, or a greedy Perch. Err No, a dreaded Blythe crayfish.

A friend of mine Breezy is the bailiff for a stretch of the Blythe in Coleshill and he has promised to take me for a bit of a roving session. Some good Chub to be had if you know where to go.

Anyway back to match, peg ten is right opposite the 18th hole. I fished peg 13 before and came second with 40 off pound of carp and I intended to fish the same tactics. Method feeder with dead maggot, groundbait and pellets with a red boilie pop-up.  There was a charity carp match on the opposite side of the lake and the reports were not many fish were being caught.

I should have bought a float rod as for 3 hours didn't even have a bite and Dave Bennett and Rich either side of me were catching steadily on the pole.

An hour and a half left of the match I managed to hook in to a carp, sadly after trying to prevent it from making a mess of Rich's swim it bumped the hook. My 1.75TC Barbel rod was needed to get the feeder near the island, where the carp seemed to be.

The carp seemed to be on the feed and I had the decent F1 of around 3lb and then straight after a big fat ghostie of 11lb. I lost another carp in the last 5 minutes of the match, not a good day at all.

Steve Breeze won with a bag full of bream, F1's for 46lb, Dave Roberts 3rd with 20 odd and Dave Bennett finished 3rd with 16lb. I was 5th. The last two hours it properly chucked it down so the fish were weighed in record time.

Sunday morning I popped to the Brook for a few hours, the river was up but much clearer than I thought. I tried a number of swims with meat, lobworms and fakey from the hookbait company. I've bought some of their bread looking fakey that looks ideal for winter Chub but this was some of their 3-B. It's something a bit different that the norm, anything for an edge and all that.

The only fish to take a liking to the 3-B was a small Chub, certainly no signs of any Barbel despite using a bait dropper in a few swims.

Switching to lobworms, again brought more small Chub and some even smaller Perch.

For the last half an hour I tried a bit lump of garlic spam, lots of small knocks on the tip but after striking at one of the knocks it was an even smaller fish that was foul hooked. A decent size gudgeon though considering the meat is 30mm wide.

Autumn is on the way, leaves are appearing in my garden and the car was showing 5.5 degrees when I left. Perch time me thinks.


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