Tuesday 21 August 2012

Snitterfield Reservoir - 20.08.12

With the light fading at around 9.00pm my time on the bank is getting limited, a couple of evenings a week , for a couple of hours just isn't enough now, I might have to swap to weekends again.

Back to Snitterfield to try and catch another decent Crucian, I had a float rod out with Krill pellet as hook bait and a sleeper rod with scalded pellet wrapped around the lead with 18mm Boilie as hookbait. Within 10 minutes one of the resident large carp had taken a liken to the bright pink pellet and made off with it, with a size 16 hook I had no chance and as quickly as the fight started it had finished. I set-up again and the float was bobbing up and down like a good'un as soon as the bait had hit the bottom.

Fish were topping all over the shop and with only a couple of crucians and missed bites I hooked and landed a bream. Maybe they bulled the crucians out the way as I couldn't catch anything else.

Within minutes of a chap on the gate side bank landing a 20lb leather / mirror carp my sleeper rod screamed off, with my float rod still in the air, by the time I got to the rod the fish had snagged itself. It eventually managed to free itself from the barbless hook, and I left gutted, felt like a good fish, maybe my PB carp.


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