Wednesday 15 August 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 14.08.12

Will the River so low and clear I'm not sure why I bothered, however it was a nice warm evening though and the Wife said why don't you go fishing so I did :)

It's always a nice walk down to the river from the carpark and the sky was very dramatic, I could see the bottom on nearly every swim and with decent fish spotted I baited a few swims and did a bit of roving, now I love the countryside and I seem forever picking up people litter, there must have been a match the weekend and on peg 5 someone ( gene meddler, no doubt ) couldn't be bothered to take it home, really does pee me off.

Anyway back to the fishing, with no luck for an hour or so I settled into a swim that had reasonable pace on it and an overhanging tree, a few bait droppers and the usual garlic luncheon meat for bait I planned to fish an hour into dusk.

About 10 minutes in the rod tip started to rattle and I was in to a fish, strange fight though and yes when I caught sight of it, yes an eel. It was foul hooked in the side, so I quickly unhooked it and put it back.

I buried my luncheon meat in the hook this time and as soon as the light faded I was getting indications on the rod tip, no strikeable or proper decent bites though but then as soon as I got to the river I thought I'd do well to even catch anything. Fishing when the light fades doesn't bother me, but for some reason for the last half an hour it was very very eery, bats, moody swans, big slugs, gnats, huge flying dragonflies and even a bird of prey were seemingly sharing my swim. With the river low might do some maggot dangling at Snitterfield reservoir.


  1. I love the look of that stream Mick .

    Im no expert on barbel but when its clear on the river you should look at the hemp and caster approach. Get there early evening and build a swim up for evening / dark. There are loads of articles about this type but 2 men who are true pros at it are Phil smith and stef Horak ......

    Have a google of it mate and tight lines

    Baz Peck

  2. I'm a novice so any tips welcome :) amazing how the Warwickshire Avon varies in such a small distance, it's a lovely river.


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