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Thursday 16 August 2012

Snitterfield Reservoir - 16.08.12

Snitterfield holds some specimen crucian carp, however catching them is another matter, apart from the usual frustrating delicate bites the big'uns, well at Snitterfield anyway send in the smaller ones for a reccy before feeding themselves, bit like an underwater pit canary. I have found just before dusk is prime big crucian feeding time.

Under the dotted down float I had 6mm cubes of garlic spam secured to a Korum quickstop hair rig on a size 16 hook slightly overdepth, I loose fed a few feed pellets and sat and waited. Within an hour I missed a few bites and with the float constantly played with it was getting frustrating, then again that's crucian fishing. Good things to some to those that wait though, the float went under and I eventually connected to a fish. A decent fight and a nice crucian graced the net. 1lb 10oz.

The swim was a bit disturbed but a soon as the float was in position the bait was getting interest again, not a crucian this time though, a slimey bream. With the light fading, I called it a day. A nice way to spend a couple of hours though.

Only 5 minutes from my house, I should spend more time here. It's a great venue, quiet, scenic and I'm sure there are some specimens that's grace it's deep waters. 

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