Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wasperton - 17.07.12

What a difference a week makes, the river was a metre up from when I fished it last week and it was proper belting through, apparently nearly over it's banks a day or so before too. A short evening session was on the cards to try and see what broke me off big style last week. Leo recommended 30lb Camo Whiplash Braid so with a spool loaded with that I planned to fish one rod, this time a light 2lb TC carp rod fitted with a tip isotope. Bait was a 30mm lump of Garlic Spam, attached to a ESP two tone coated braid leader which I already had in my tackle box. I prefer in-line leads when the flow is fast and when back to normal river levels I use a running set-up. A longish leader as I've always had better results and confidence.

I got speaking to a chap, Andy who was on the next peg downstream, he hadn't had any indications whatsoever, hmm not looking good. The rod remained motionless until the light levels started to drop, a had a few hit and run Chub knocks but nothing meaningful and certainly not a bite I could strike at, just before I was about to leave I had a proper bite which I missed, a bite that if it were a Barbel it would have been hooked, it was probably just a Chub again, oh well, there is always next time. I think I'll wait a few more weeks when the river levels have settled down a bit before going back, I don't think the fish know what's going on, as it's up and down like a bride's nightie.

Luddington next port of call I think.


  1. Never discard an river in flood mate, many a good barbel has been caught when the river is up.

    Good stuff matey

  2. I think I should remind you that leamington AA bans braided mainlines. You shouldnt be using them!!!

  3. Unless this is the BAA stretch of course then it might be ok? I dont know sorry!

  4. Why comment if you're not 100% sure, it is the Leamington stretch btw.

    The only reference to braid on the website / book as far as I can see is for Snitterfield Reservoir where a coated braided hook length must be used. In my case I've used a fish safe coated braid for the hook length and I always use a long leader.

    I've emailed Anthony for clarification.

  5. Well a quick response from Anthony.

    Hi Mick
    Yes, this has recently been reviewed and I am attaching the guidance sheet for members. Braided main line is fine, we have had a few problems with uncoated braid hook lengths but the rules have been updated. I know you always have the safety of the fish in mind, and we think that these regulations are a good balance.

    I’m glad you reminded me about this as it needs to go on the website. Let me have a few photos when you can.

    Best regards

    Anthony Simmons

    Leamington Angling Association
    01926 312319

    Leamington Angling Association

    The committee has recently reviewed the ban on braided hooklinks and in
    light of modern materials has concluded the ban on braided hooklinks should
    be amended as follows:

    Uncoated braided hooklinks remain banned
    For clarity examples of banned uncoated hooklinks are as follows
    Kryston silkworm, Kryston supersilk, Kryston Quicksilver, Richworth sorcerer
    and Wychwood deception.

    Coated braided hooklinks are now permitted
    Examples of coated braided hooklinks are as follows:
    Korda N-Trap soft, Korda Soft, Korda Stiff, Suffix camfusion, Kryston Super
    Mantis, Kryston Mantis Gold plus many more.
    NOTE – Short sections of coating can be removed to create hinges
    within the rig up to 3 inches in length in total. If you exceed this then
    you will be deemed to be using an uncoated braided hooklink which is
    As you can see this rule is a vast improvement on rig choice for the angler
    over the mono only rule. Please note that if anglers are found to be
    using uncoated braid then this rule can be revisited so please fish within the
    The committee has considered many points of view on this subject, which has
    also been raised directly by members in the feedback from the previous year’s
    questionnaires. This rule change, as with all rules, will be subject to an
    on-going review and amended if required.
    If anyone wishes to discuss or seek clarification on this matter please feel free
    to contact myself Chris Morris on 07974435880.

    Plastic Baits
    The committee has also resolved that the use of artificial baits (plastic corn, plastic casters/maggots etc) will be allowed for a one year trial period. Please ensure that these baits are rigged securely so that they are not eaten by fish.


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