Friday 13 July 2012

Shanghai AA match - Tunnel Barn Farm - 13.07.12

Well the rain held off which was nice, 12 anglers all Automotive contractors oh and a rogue RAF pilot fished Top Pool today, as I've said before I'd rather wait for one bite on the River but it's nice to keep in touch and network, it's a who you know in the jobbing world. I'm no serious match fisherman so I had a waggler rod and a few maggots and small bits of meat verses people like Dave Bennet the next peg to me who seemed to have the entire contents of the Preston Innovations catalogue :)

I missed more than half of the bites but still managed a 39lb a mixed bag, F1's, Perch and even Barbel, smallest I caught 4oz's, biggest was about a pound an half. I'd rather the Barbel were in a River not in a pond but catching them make a nice change over the 10 a penny, wet lettuce F1's.

The winner had 71lb and even Dave Roberts had to settle for third, with 62lb.


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