Monday 2 July 2012

Hampton Lucy Brook - 30.06.12

Decided to have a few hours at my favourite place at the minute, Hampton Lucy Brook. The usual quiet, secluded and wild stretch of the Warwickshire Avon had a background hum of some live music from the Stratford-Upon-Avon river festival, the music didn’t seem so bad to be honest and even got me miming to some of the songs. For the first hour I rolled some meat along some of the longer stretches but failed to get a nibble, river was low which was a surprise considering the amount of rain we had recently. I was fishing till 10.30pm so settled into a swim I caught a Barbel from before, very snaggy but I was geared up for it. I decided to up my test curve of my Barbel rods this year after losing a big Barbel at Leamington Anglers Association Wasperton stretch, I’ve now gone up a TC and bought 2 1.75TC rods

One rod I was fishing lobworm and the other garlic flavoured luncheon meat, I quickly had a 4lb Chub and a couple of decent Perch. Around 10pm the music stopped and it was peaceful till I had he most violent wrap around I’ve ever experienced, I remember reading one of Jeff Hatt’s Blogs where he nearly lost his rod in Lucy’s Mill weir pool when a Barbel picked up his bait and made off, all hell broke loose with this one too. I do usually have my clutch set pretty slack and I glad I did as I’d have probably lost the rod. A good fight and I had a mint 6lb 1oz Barbel on the bank. After letting it recover in the landing net the River festival fireworks kicked off with some of the loudest fireworks I’ve ever heard, seemed entirely appropriate and I went home happy.


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