Saturday 9 April 2011

Tunnel Barn Shrewley - 08.04.11 SAIC fishing competition

Fantastic weather and my first time @ Tunnel Barn, not my favorite sort of venue but every six weeks or so we have a competition between contractors in various Automotive OEM's. Only 11 of us today and we we fishing House Pool, I got peg 18 and was fishing 6" deep right in the margin on waggler / maggot with a float rod. You can see a couple of F1's in this picture.

Tight into the margin got the bigger F1's, the biggest I got was 3lb's. Missed countless bites, lost a couple of big carp due to the size 16 barbless hook I suppose. Anyway I finished 3rd with 41lb, the winner had 62lb. I'm no match angler not my bag really and at tunnel barn dare I say it, it was a bit too easy to catch fish :)


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