Tuesday 26 April 2011

College Pool - 25.04.11

Back to the same swim for an early morning session, lovely day it was too.

Sadly my Perch attack failed miserably really, far too many small ones around that quick ate all my Lobworms. Also fished some prawns but couldn't connect to any big'uns, caught about 40 / 50 of the little pests though, did manage a nice Tench of about a 1.5lb

Noticed some Carp where feeding off the top so moved swims and surface fished some bread. The nicest way to catch Carp in my book, within 5 mins I had bagged myself a lovely mirror of about 8 / 9lb. Great fight too. I was the only one fishing at College Pool before I left at 11.30am, everyone else sensibly tucked up in bed.

I'll be back to College Pool soon, but probably do an evening session again, this time with a float I can see :)


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