Sunday, 24 April 2011

College Pool after Perch - 22.04.11

Never caught a big perch from College Pool, then again never really targetted them in anger. Didn't have a good start, was pushing my bankstick into the ground and the Korum rest snapped, cutting my hand. :)

You can see the broken rest it in the pic above. A few other anglers here today, why someone is happy to sit behind carp rods and alarms on this sort of venue is beyond me, especially when all he appeared to be doing was nattering to his Wife :)

Anyway was fishing a little Drennan Bobber overdepth in the Margins, bait was lobworm and I fed chopped worm. I fished from 6.00pm to 9.00pm and sadly no Perch. Did manage two nice carp though and both in superb condition, mint. Brilliant fight on light tackle with the rod bent double. I also lost a bigger one that literally I couldn't do anything about. First was 9lb 8oz and the second was 10lb 6oz. I'll be back again, I love this venue especially in the evening.


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