Friday, 10 March 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Tandoors and Tangoreceptors

With two days in the office at the start of this week one of the trips to the local to Morrisons for lunch I thought that Christmas had come early. You see I was browsing the fish counter for some pike baits for a trip to the Wye before the season end and didn't expect to see a carp nestled in ice.

But then with a dusting of snow the following morning WFH it certainly feels like Christmas rather than spring it should be. The weather and conditions doesn't look good for a trip to the Wye the day before the season end but oh well, better than working isn't it. 

I'll take a butchers nearer the time to see what is likely to be biting as I could well be after a Wye pike, we'll see, but some snow melt and cold rain it could well put a kybosh on proceedings, but will take a judgement call on Monday next week whether do go or not.  Now looking back at my blog we had snow back in March 2018 but still surprising as I thought winter had long been and gone.

I always lose motivation to get on the rivers before the season end, not sure why because I don't often need a kick up the backside if you see how many sessions I've been cramming in !!!

I was meant to be meeting a mate for a curry in the local hostilely and there just happened to be a swim an onion bhaji throw away that could offer a bite from a Chevin, and the plan was to catch a chub before the garlic and chilli naan came out the tandoor. A last minute cancellation from him though I had other options available to me.

So it was out in the cold and the rain mis thaw and out with the newly purchased 15ft Connoisseur Pro Match Power Float where I'd fish the same swim I broke the Acolyte 👿. So a 4 gram stick float, bread mash as feed and bread flake on the hook, anything doing in this mood lifter ?

Bit of a sketchy drive to get there and as soon as I got on to the farmers fields they were already starting to get water logged with the rapid thaw that started early afternoon.

The river was well up already and the chosen swim where the chub normally hold was carrying much more pace than last time. But with the local rivers likely to be in flood with all the snow and rain this was probably the last chance I would have this season. 

The daiwa rod has a much beefier blank than the acolyte and heavier but after a few trots through the extra foot on the length made the link pick up much better, and somehow it felt better balanced using the same Abu closed face reel.

The feed went in regularly to try and temp the fish (if they were there) away from their cover but half an hour in not a dip on the float or a bumped fish.

Then the rain started in anger and never let up for the two hours I was there. I could have moved I supposed but it was this swim almost always holds chub.

There was quite a lot of debris coming down which didn't help but the new set-up worked really well which was the main reason why I decided to come out. Boy it was cold though, with temps barely above freezing and handling damp bread doesn't make a good combination !!!

The fish were obviously having other ideas but who could blame them the conditions were pretty awful. I bet they wondered what the heck an angler was doing trying tempt them.

The river was rising whilst I was there with wellies in the drink and and quick check of the levels in the morning the Avon like all the other local rivers are only going one was and that is up, goddammit !!!. I've canals that might have to do, but the season end could well be a washout, all a bit rubbish, but we will see, there could well be an option, watch this space....


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