Sunday 26 March 2023

Transient Towpath Trudging - Pt.49

Now an asteroid a bit smaller than a football field will streak harmlessly past Earth at a relatively close distance of 107,500 miles on today, a spectacle that happens about once every 10 years, sky watchers say.

The asteroid designated 2023 DZ2 will pass about halfway between the Earth and the moon's orbit at a speed of about 17,403 mph, astronomers said. It's an estimated 140 to 310 feet in diameter. It's calculated to come closest to Earth at 3:51 p.m.

Now thankfully the asteroid will pass Earth harmlessly this year, but for a while it had a 1-in-38-million chance to hit Earth. Later calculations showed less risk, and on March 21 it was removed from the Sentry Risk Table, which monitors asteroids for possible impact with Earth.

Asteroids travel in space, become meteors when they enter a planet's atmosphere and are known as meteorites after they hit the ground.

For this early morning session I decided to return to the same swim where I picked up those roach yesterday and would sit it out in the one area, but this would also be a double dipping session. You see I lost a carp here towards the end of last year that snaffled the bread meant for bream, and did me over good and proper.

I thought I'd have a 1-in-38 million chance of catching a canal carp because I'd not seen any for ages and despite catching the odd one or two, those areas I used to see them are now baron. Much of the cover has been removed which doesn't help and also I've spotted otters in most canal stretches I fish.

I'd put some freebies in one swim yesterday so I'd top it up and fish a white pop-up suspended just off the bottom to try and intercept a carp.

They do like cover but I've seen them go up and down the stretch looking for food plenty of times in the past when I've been fishing for Zander. A bite alarm AND a centre-pin the ratchet if activated might even wake the Wife from her slumber.

I love early mornings on the canals, not only are they quieter with little boat movement but often the fish are well up for a feed.

So sloppy bread to colour up the green water and a decent size flake on the hook. I like fishing a small float that is fished over depth. The bites unlike the left method are unmissable where the float sails away slowly.

The fish bite came within minutes and as soon as it took off I knew exactly what it was. !!!

A hard fighting hybrid, these for their size give such a good scrap you think the fish would be twice as big until they surface. I could happily catch these all day, but it was the chub, and now roach I was after really. Another hybrid within 10 minutes I was starting to enjoy this.

 Another quick bite and a fish that felt like a roach dropped off, there was plenty of bites forthcoming. The next fish was a surprise chublet, so there is chub here after all, yeay !!!

Ok not exactly the stamp I was after but a chub is a chub, is a chub. I fed some more bread slop and the swim went dead for 20 minutes when out the blue another sail away bite another fish was on.

Another chub !!!

By this time the wind had picked up and the sun was shining right in my face. Another two hybrids in quick succession and a bream, bites galore.

Where were the roach though ? I caught 3 in the same spot yesterday but they didn't show today oddly. Oh well I'm not complaining after all my recent blanks.  

I do miss the zander mind you, so I might have a dabble for them next time. The water still felt cold to the touch but a fellow Zander angler Buffalo Si has been catching them for fun recently.

The again he is bankside in one day more than I manage in a week. Those feeding spells are often one hour in 24 that's the problem. You just need to be there at the right time, that's why fishing for other species is beneficial because at least you often don't blank. 


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