Monday, 13 February 2023

Warwickshire Stour - Absinthe and Absorptiometers

When Sam said to me the evening before "Daddy can I come fishing with you in the morning" in the back of my mind I knew what the eventual outcome would be. It's still pretty cold for little Sam so 7.30am when he comes bundling in to the bedroom, "you still up for fishing ?"

"Sure" 🤯

Now I didn't expect that reaction !! So his fishing clothing sorted, then maggots from the bait fridge in the garage, his new float rod strapped to the car, to the little stream we go !!!

Then when I'm in the garage the door starts to open slowly and a little head appears from behind the door

"Errrrr, I've just had a runny poo and I've a bit of a stomach ache"

"So you're not coming with me then ?"

"No, I'd rather stop here, you can go yourself if you want"

"You sure it's not because you think you'd be cold ? I've got the handwarmer in the car by the way"

"No, it's not, Weeellllll ok, yeah does feel cold doesn't it, can you do me some Nutella toast before you go" !!!

So to plan B it was then off to the green waters of the river Stour !!!

With the Avon clear unless you want to use 3 pints of maggots and lucky enough to stumble upon a group of chub bites can be hard to achieve. Here though on the Stour especially this snag fest stretch, roving is the key to winkle out a few fish. The absinthe coloured waters really are very different to the other rivers I fish in this neck of the woods and I don't know why.

It runs through open farmland predominately and maybe it's the run off from the fields, the bed it's sits on  ? it's quite a bit different though. In-fact the colour reminds me of the Hallowed canal stretch where having fished the usual turbid waters of the South Stratford or The Grand Union, it was a bit of an eye opener how different it can be. 

So some mash as feed and bread for the hook, were the fish willing participants ?

Bites were forthcoming in most swims I fished (easily 10+) but I was using rather large pieces of bread I’d imagine if I’d a size 18 with some maggots my fish count would have been quite a bit larger.

I stuck to my guns though and it’s didn’t take long to get the first chub. They are not the biggest chub in the world but they give some of the most acrobatic fights for some reason. I suppose with it being full of snags and cover they are well conveyed in their escaping possibilities. 

I managed 5 in the end over a few hours so not exactly prolific especially with the number of swims I fished but you know within a few minutes if there is a chub in the swim, they were on it quick smartish.

The biggest a 3lber, these rivers really are my bread and butter. Complete solitude, only sheep to keep me company and the whole river to myself. What is not to like ?


  1. That sense of solitude is seldom appreciated in the wider world, personally I love it, disconnected, on my own enjoying myself as I know you do too. It also helps when the fish are playing ball too.

    1. Very true James, disconnected with the modern world, what's not to like, angling gives so much to those that participate in it


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