Sunday 19 February 2023

Warwickshire Avon - Metaverse and Metapsychology

I didn't really have the urge to go fishing when I woke up in the morning, the conditions I suppose are not ideal and when the rain started to come done, (the light stuff that gets you wet) I think I had made the right decision.

With the gear still in the car though I decided to nip out for an evening session in to dark where hopefully I'd winkle out a chub. 

I struggle to exceed more than a few hours fishing these days where little an often seems to suit my style of fishing where roving is a big part of it.

Even on this convenient stretch where I can park behind my swim if I wanted to, but when I arrived on the stretch an hour and a half before dusk I let the car by the swim(s) where I would fish in to dark and go on the search for bites.

As you go up the river there is some deeper swims that can often hold fish when the main river is low and gin clear. Some of the swims have some decent depth which can help when it's like this.

I was quite surprised that I had a quick couple of chub within the first half an hour and the first bite I missed so they were up for a feed. 

Anyway as the light went I retraced my steps and within seconds of dropping a bait in the pre-baited swim, a tentative pull a proper pull round developed and I was in to a fish. 

Not a big fish but a welcome bend in the rod and worth the trip out. Another fish of similar size (3 and a half pound) within half an hour, 4 fish that will do, 2.5 hours job done !!! 


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