Sunday 4 December 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Warlords and Wallydrags

I'd not ventured down to the bottom end of the syndicate stretch but I thought I'd go for a nose. You couldn't really get any closer to the river either, and thankfully I decided to have a few extra minutes in bed before heading out, as the kingfisher but be living out its dream.

There is more cover down here you see and I suspect the chub in this cold water are not exactly roaming around like they usually do.

The water temperature had dropped a degree in a day which when you're a cold blooded fish unless you're like Derek Chisora and up for a beating because. well you like it, it's best to stay indoors with your feet up and chill.

Because yes, it was very chilly indeed with the ice warning showing up in the car for the first hour and a half of fishing. I fed a few swims with mashed bread and would ledger a gobstopper sized piece over the top of the Warburton's chunky dandruff.  

After an hour though without even a nibble I decided to head back to swims more familiar and again fished similar tactics.

This was worth doing because the first 'good' swim I fished a drop back bite the first fish was on. It felt a nice fish as well with the line singing under the tension of the hard fighting fish. It was soon in the net though and the fish exactly 4lb on the scales was worth removing myself from the two large warm plump pillows. Not an easy task with the gas and electricity prices as they are. 

It was clear though that I had to find the fish so with the Jimny mostly in 4x4 mode I drove up and down the stretch to try and drop the bait on the chub head.

Tougher than I thought after that first fish but I did manage another 3 fish where ones hands were like ice blocks. The cars heater coming to the rescue when driving from swim to swim. The wind chill had certainly kicked in big time, 3 degrees air temperature, felt certainly in the minuses.

Bread the king again, but it often is in these conditions, and for targeting chub not a bait I could do without. It's caught me plenty of chub over the years.

Those fish were caught in an hour from the first bite but I was scratching around for another couple of hours without much return, so I decided to call the session early, pop down the WBAS water just dwon the road for a once over and then head back home in to the warmth. 


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