Sunday 25 December 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Pothunters and Potamography

A walk in to Stratford with the rabble the Avon looked a perfect colour for a Barbel. It was on the rise but when I would be bankside it would be falling, so heck why not.

The Wye trip I knocked off 10k quite easily going back and fore the unsuccessful swims so this time I'd be anchored to the spot.  Those steps were with lugging tackle too, not easy with 50 year old knees, still got to keep some sort of exercise up, and fishing gives that for me at the moment. 

Anyway fellow syndicate member Dave had managed a 7lber the day before the Wye trip which is a small fish for this stretch to be fair, but at least it showed there were younger fish around which is always encouraging for the Avon and also that despite the temperatures they were feeding. 

When I got bankside and unloaded the car in "Dave's" swim I was amazed still at the height of the river, it was nearly over the banks in places and there were areas of standing water but not problem for the little Jimny, it revels in this stuff. After the snow the banks have become rather soft and muddy so a 4x4 is required now here where I can drive the whole stretch more or less.

A rather lovely morning and wrapped up warm it was very pleasant indeed whilst watching the rods. The upstream rod a paste wrapped boilie with some stinky groundbait and the downstream rod a lump of chilli flavoured meat.

A bankstick in the side when I got there the river level was slowly dropping and it looked an ok temperature if there were any barbel around.  

The odd recast was required but both baits were positioned nicely on a hard bottom for any barbel feeding in the area to easily find it. 

Nearly two hours in though without even a nibble I decided to up sticks and move to the 'Good' swim where again both rods went out in similar fashion. Nothing doing though and even a switch to lobworm on the boilie rod only brought the odd little nibble and pluck.

I nearly went to sleep at one point as I'm not used to this sitting and watching motionless rods for this length of time. The water really was pushing through and to be honest I could do with a beefier rod to handle the conditions because I'd imagine if I hooked a 14lber it may well be a battle that is one sided.

Still some sales on at the moment I'm sure I can pick one up to add to the ever growing armoury. Anyway after a natter with a guy who lives on the farm he's given me a tip that may well put me on the right track to catch a barbel off'a this section. I'll keep trying though because like I said any bite from a barbel here could well be a PB beater.  

RIP Maxi Jazz, seen him quite a few times live, heck even the Wife has seen them once, and she hates dance music. 

Anyway Merry Christmas blog readers hope you have a good one !!! 

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