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Monday 19 September 2022

Warwickshire Avon - Koh-i-Noors and Koniscopes

A vibrant red sunrise greeted me when I got to the weir swim, shame the river wasn't in similar fettle. The Warwickshire Avon is all a bit mhhhhhhhhahhhh at the minute with many areas lacklustre and lethargic because of the levels being so low.

At least the weir disguised what was happening upstream and here there are bites to be had from chub.

The levels are very low indeed though and I could see the bread settling on the bottom but trundling some bread and also some meat from time to time, I was hoping a moving bait mixed in with some static fishing would trick a chub or barbel in to taking the bait.

One of the swims just to the right of this picture I also fed some liquidised bread, where after leaving to rest and hopefully get some fish to feed and get confident before dropping in a bait. 

I really didn't think it would be this tough though because after some quick bites with a static bait that was small fish I think, those proper bites from chub never materialised. 

These fish are fished for a lot and to be honest not my usual haunt but I've some some chub here in the past that would easily beat my PB of 5lb and 15 ounces.

No PB beaters this morning though,

Just a measly 3lber that took a static bait from the pre-baited swim!!

All a bit pants to be honest !!!!


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